Claire McManus sent us photos from the wildlife trip

In late June we did a great trip in Jokulfirdir and the Hornstrandir nature reserve. Hjalti Karlsson, a biologist and head of the local branch for the Marine Research Institute, was our guide and we concentrated on looking at the wildlife of the area.

One of the guests was Claire McManus, an acupuncturist from Boston US ( She sent us this note and a link to a great collection of her photos.


Siggi, thank you again for a wonderful journey on the wildlife trip last month. When I think back on my trip I remember the brilliance of breathing glacial air; the surprise of looking into the eyes of a den of fox pups;  the sounds of water against Aurora’s hull at anchor in the morning and the exhilaration of cruising over ten knots through the Ísafjarðardjúp. I recall the silence of watching the sun skip on the horizon when it sets/rises at the height of your Icelandic summer and the taste of arctic char with blueberry blossoms and sorrel.  I  hope my pictures convey some of this delight.  The link to them is below: run your cursor over any pic and click on the  ‘ i ‘  to view the explanation, or use the Flickr mapping function to see where they were taken. Enjoy!

Claire McManus, Boston, Massachusetts, USA