Rúnar Óli Karlsson

A Polar Bear Welcomes Aurora in Greenland

It’s been a week since Aurora left for Greenland and will do three trips there this season. 

The voyage across went very well with fresh breeze off the coast of the Westfjords and Aurora was making steady 10 knots towards the promised land. Closer to Greenland the wind dropped and very little ice made navigating into Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord easy. A lot of seals and whales said hello while the crew dropped the anchor. Dines, our Greenland guide got anxious with water in his mouth! He says its very strange to visit his homeland as a tourist and having to leave his hunting insticts behind. Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord is among the best hunting grounds on the East coast and many seals, few narwhals and polar bears are shot there every year. All according to strict hunting laws. 

On the first day of kayaking to Skaergaard, an abandoned village from the 60’s, a young polar bear was spotted running on the ice and up to a small island. The atmosphere in the group got a little bit tense as you can imagine. But Dines said that the bear was not out hunting. So the group just watched this amazing king of the Arctic for a while. The photo is not top quality, since it’s sent via satellite phone.