Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Aurora in Greenland – welcomed by the true locals

After easy sailing to the East coast of Greenland, the crew of Aurora was welcomed with heavy ice. The entrance to Nansen fjord was well packed with ice but after many hours of zig zagging, they made it to the anchorage. The group on board are all experienced sea kayakers and will use the next 12 days to explore new areas in the huge fjords along the coast. The kayaks were put out in the morning of 1. August and captain Siggi moved the boat to a different anchorage. He was welcomed by a polar bear that came to say hello!

There are many polar bears now in the area and one was shot in Sodalen Valley where a crew of scientists are working. After few days of trying to scare the beast away, they were forced to pull up the gun. Another one was chased by a helicopter over to Kangerlusuaq fjord. There are also number of walruses in the fjords so the crew on Aurora needs to be extra careful. 

You can follow their track on SPOT