Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Backcountry skiing is surely for girls

Our last weeks trips will be memorable for a long time. Eight
Icelandic girls showed up at the airport in Isafjordur all wearing the
same Cintamani made softshell jackets, bearing a logo “Arctic Terns
Adventure Club”. They were dressed to kill and I wondered about the
days ahead. One of the difference between the genders is that females
love organising things, males don´t. The first night they came up with
the first party games and entertainment prepared the weeks before. I
won´t go into details but the night ended with dancing on the deck. I
wondered if we would do any skiing but it turned out they were
excellent skiers and great to hang around with. They skied the steep
chutes, kayaked, swam in the sea and fell in love with Siggi´s cooking.


After arriving to Isafjordur, it was time for a proper bath, dinner
and dancing at the local pub among the multi national skiers who had
finished the Fossavatn ski marathon the same day. Finished off with the
remains of my wife´s fish soup at my place before calling it a night at
six in the morning.


I´m not sure who had more fun that week. Them or me and Siggi. 


One thing I can say for sure is that this was probably the most
beautiful group we´ve had so far and I think it won´t be matched in the
near future. Unless they have sisters.