Clipper Arctic Expeditions

This article was published on Clipper Ventures website:

“Clipper Ventures has been sending boats to the Arctic since 1998 when Sir Robin and Sir Chris Bonington wanted to go climbing there for the second time.

The objective has been to explore Greenland, the East coast that is largely unexplored, and enjoy the stunning scenery. On occasions we have taken local Inuit aboard and enjoyed their enormous understanding of their harsh environment and marvelled at their knowledge of how to survive. (Their ability to find delicious fish in areas where we could find nothing gave our voyages added spice.)

The 2005 voyage, when Sir Robin and Sir Chris wanted to get back and try to reach the peak of the Cathedral Mountain just north of the Arctic circle in Greenland, failed because of the very heavy ice which blocked the opening to the fjord they needed to, so they returned to Iceland and climbed to the summit of the NW Iceland ice cap instead (a toenail destroying experience according to Sir Robin!). They plan to return in 2008 and have another attempt at the Cathedral.

One of the problems with these voyages has been the time it takes to get the boat to Iceland and back, so Clipper was delighted when a local yachtsman, and fishing consultant, Sigurdur Jonsson, who they met in 2005, wondered whether Clipper would sell him the boat. His plan is to allow people to visit this last real wilderness, and, of course, be available to those with an adventurous spirit, who want to explore the area, ski, climb, watch the whales and encounter real ice filled seas. If the timing is right you can join in the famous “Meat Soup night” when many of the inhabitants cross the fjord for an evening of what can best be described as delicious Irish Stew, singing and of course everything else that goes with a party close to midsummer when the sun disappears only briefly. (Make sure you have a song though)

Clipper is happy to report that Siggi now owns “Antiope Clipper” and is going to operate from Isafjordur, on the north west coast of Iceland, just a couple of days from Greenland. “Antiope” was the yacht that Sir Robin took to Greenland in 1998 and 2005.

Apart from Sir Robin and Sir Chris booking the latter part of July and early August in 2008, Siggi is available for almost any adventure in this magical part of the world, where boats provide the only real access off the beaten track.

Anyone who wants to experience the “real wild”, potter around the sparsely inhabited NW coast of Iceland, or just cross the Denmark Strait to look at Greenland, maybe get into Scorsby Sound, and, if lucky, land and put their feet where no one else has trod, contact us at Clipper Ventures and we will put you into direct contact with Siggi to discuss your requirements. Of course nothing can be promised, every plan is dependant on nature, but one thing is certain, the voyages have always proved to be real adventure, and an experience that no one ever forgets.

We have one life on this planet – paint it in bright colours! “