Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Cold on the Greenland Ice Cap

From 1991 the Danish Meteorological Institute has operated and weather station on the middle of the Greenland ice cap at 3000m altitude, called SUMMIT. The staff carries out different weather and climate research throughout the year and it´s pretty amazing that someone wants to spend the winter there…!
This autumn has been very cold and the coldest autumn temperature ever measured was on the 25th and 31st of October when the temperature went down to -55.2°C. The reason is that the stable Greenland high pressure system has taken its position over tha ice cap earlier than usual and the air is very still with no clouds, so radiation escapes very easily out into the atmosphere. For the air to get that cold, the coldest core of the atmosphere also needs to be close to Greenland or little bit to the West and both these factors came together this time.

The record has not be broken, because in February 2001 the temperature at the SUMMIT weather station went down to -63.3°C

It seems like mother nature has few aces up its sleeve despite the fact that global warming has scientifically been proved…!