Rúnar Karlsson

Runar holds a degree in geography and started his guiding career as a mountain biking and hiking guide in the summer for different adventure companies in Iceland. He also worked as a tourism consultant for few years but felt it was time to put his skills into practice and put up an adventure operation in cooperation with other good people. Rúnar was a boy scout when he was younger and learned to love the outdoors, especially the mountains. Skiing, ice & rock climbing and kayaking are his favorite sports and a part of his job. He has for years led mountaineering and avalanche SAR courses for the Icelandic Rescue Team Association. Among other things, he has scaled 6000 m peaks in Peru, done skiing and kayaking expeditions in Greenland, climbed in the Alps few times and done paragliding in the Pyrenees. Rúnar has finished WFR first aid training, holds a BCU 4 star kayaking certificate, has finished his marine CTCW training to be qualified as a professional crewmember and Canadian Level I and Level II avalanche training. His great experience and expertise means that you’re in safe hands.


Nanný Guðmundsdóttir

Nanný is the driving force and the heart of the company. She was born in Ísafjörður and has lived there most of her life. Her hobbies include cycling, skiing and just being outdoors breathing in the fresh mountain air of the Westfjords. She studied to become a kindergarten teacher, so she has a good knowledge on how to manage a diverse group of people and bring us all together. She joined the company in 2012.

Regína Sif Rúnarsdóttir

Personable and calming, Regína will ease your concerns that may arise. Consistently making life better for travellers and guides alike, you can’t put value on human kindness. Whether it’s a problem-solving email, or the plants that brighten up the office when you first step into our cozy space. She’s up for a chat, but the question is, are you? Oh yeah, and that problem you had…not so impossible huh?

Davíð Hjaltason

As local as you can get but will keep you guessing with his charming British accent. A valued member of the office and behind the scenes team, he will ensure that you can spend more time taking it easy. Hakuna Matata!

Stjáni (Kristján R Guðmundsson)

Captain of our beautiful vessel Sif. Believes that life is better on a boat so will keep us safe and sound while we motor the fjords and pass the most Northern lighthouse in Iceland. He never get’s tired of the sea, his free time he spends exploring the world on his sailboat. Loves a good prank, but don’t worry his target is always the guides.

Sigrún Auðardóttir

Sigrún is a local girl that grew up with cross country skis under her feet and kayaking the fjords. She is one of the strongest and most easy going spirit among our staff and fun to be around.

Joonas Kinni

Born and raised in Finland, Joonas found his way to Iceland for his master’s degree in coastal and marine management. He’s been with us for many seasons and was the driving force in making the sauna in Kviar Lodge as you can imagine. Joonas has found the perfect balance by spending the long summer days in Iceland and the winter in Saudi Arabia where he works as a research diver. As a true Finn, Joonas is an avid knitter, and you can find him on social media under @knitting_man