Fair weather pictures

“Drinking water from the falls, eating berries from the vine – that’s the way it should be!  

A great land inhabited by great people. 

To the best crew and compliments to the chef!   Thank you all !!”  


Enough talk about snow and gale force winds…  when the days are dark it’s nice to remind us of summer and fair weather. 

Above is a quote from AURORA’s guestbook, written by Erik Butler from San Francisco. He is a great photographer and many of the pictures on this website are from his collection. These were shot in a trip last July. Take a look in our photo pages.

Attached here are also few of Erik’s pictures from same trip.


The warmest July day in Icelandic history is July 2nd 1991 when temperature reached 29.2 degrees Celcius. But we also have to admit that history speaks of quite a few occasions where there was snow on the ground in July, even down to sea-level…!!