Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Faroe Islands sailing trip on a very good price

Over the sea and not far away

Highlights: Ocean crossing, islands and fjords, fishing villages, friendly atmosphere, G! Music Festival

Iceland´s closest relatives live in the Faroe Islands between Iceland and Shetland Islands. This friendly nation of 50.000 people are spread over islands af different shapes and sizes. The grass is green, mountains are steep, live is good and you´re invited on a sailing trip not to be missed.

The scenery is some of the most spectacular in Northern Europe, much of the land rising as sheer cliffs or very steep hillsides straight out of the sea. The people are exceptionally friendly and welcoming.


We will leave from Isafjordur and visit Husavik in NE Iceland and Seydisfjordur in E Iceland before taking on the 300 mile ocean crossing. We will then cruise between towns and villages in the Faeroes and finish in the capital of Torshavn. There guests have an option of ending the voyage and fly home. AURORA will move to participate in the Gøta music festival for a few days. The festival is held under the summer sky between the mountains and is a great event to catch the local atmosphere and enjoy great music. Then we will take on the next group of guests and head back to Iceland. This time we will set course to Vestmannaeyjar islands off the south coast of Iceland and make first landfall there. Then go to Reykjavik and finally end the trip in Isafjordur.


The price is very very reasonable (sold in Icelandic krona) and should fit the general budget of every “sofa sailor”…



13-21 July. Price IKR 120,000

25-31 July. Price IKR 90,000


Included: Food, guiding, safety gear and port fees

Not included: Flights to Iceland and/or from the Faroes.


For flights to Iceland and Isafjordur, read this.

For flights to/from the Faroe islands, check Atlantic Airways


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