Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Finally moving out and in again

Borea is becoming an adult and is moving to its own location. Out from my kitchen and Siggi´s living room. We´re working together with the owners of a house called Hæstikaupstaður (hard to translate to English) that was built in 1873. It was a merchant shop most of it´s time. The owners of this beautiful house,  are slowly rebuilding it and we´ve
rented the ground floor. Great location in the center of town. We plan
to move all our stuff there before the end of the month, make a little
office corner and nice old chairs around the fireplace. Sounds good?
The area where the house is, was called Hæstikaupstaður and included few houses at that time. Later that name got stuck to this particular house. The town of Isafjordur consisted of three main “hoods” or called Hæstikaupstaður, Miðkaupstaður and Neðstikaupstaður (Highest,- Middle- and Lowest Town). Many of these houses are still in good order. Some are privately owned, others are now a museum.