Fossavatn cross-country skiing training camp – FREE

We at Borea Adventures like to connect our trips to exciting local events. One of these is the Fossavatn Ski Marathon held every spring in Isafjordur. In 2007 the race is on April 28th and those going on our trips before and after this date are encouraged to participate. You don’t have to be an expert cross-country skier to join this popular event – (almost) anyone can take on at least the shorter distances (!).  Check out our trips number 3 and 4.

Established in 1935, the marathon is one of the longest running sport events in Iceland. It is also by far the biggest ski race in the country, although in a country of such a small population, “big” means you can expect around 150 participants, a mixture of racers and popular skiers. The race always takes place in end of April or beginning of May, giving cross-country skiers a nice addition to their season.

In 2004, a new main distance of 50 km was launched, added to the traditional 20 km, 10 km and 7 km. All distances are done in classic style. For the main race there are four age groups for men and women: 16-34, 35-49, 50-65 and 66 and older. It is also possible to participate in a team competition where three skiers, racing over the same distance, make one team regardless of age or gender. The combined time of the three individuals makes the time for the team. For the most ambitious racers, there are three sprintgates along the way, where a moderate sum of money is on offer.


Now the Fossavatn Ski Marathon is sponsoring a long-weekend training camp for those looking to fine-tune their skiing skills before the season.

The training camp is scheduled for November 23-26th in Isafjordur. The action-packed weekend starts on Thursday night (Nov 23th) with some easy skiing on the light-trail. Friday and Saturday there will be two work-outs each day, plus presentations and “evening chat”. The camp then ends with a Sunday morning work-out before it is time to head back home.

The training camp, including groomed trails and instructions by Norwegian coach Ashild Sporsheim, is FREE OF CHARGE courtesy of Fossavatn Ski Marathon. There are also special offers on food and accommodation in Isafjordur this weekend.

A quick check on airfares gives return ticket from London to Isafjordur around £200 and from New York around $700. Check special offers at Icelandair, Iceland Express, British Airways and Air Iceland

For further information contact the Fossavatn team directly in