Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Great Season Coming to an End

Summer is over though temperature is still high here in Northwest Iceland. So far, September has given us some of the best weather of the summer; temperatures over 20 degress Celsius , clear skies and no wind at all. 
The season has been great for us. We´ve taken close to 500 people on day trips, ski trips, multi-day sea kayaking trips , Greenland expeditions, Jan Mayen expeditions and wildlife trips. All has gone super well and we´ve seen a lot of happy faces. 
We started our day tour business in mid May when we opened our North Explorers office in downtown Isafjordur. Very nice atmosphere was around this old historical house and the locals were really happy to see the house in operation again. We hired three pairs of extra hands to help us out for the summer and also had few people stepping in when things were really crazy. Among the highlights this summer was all the great sea kayaking I managed to do both here close to home and also the 14 day expedition in Greenland, exploring new fjords and camping in the “postcard” surroundings. 
Aurora is coming home tomorrow after the last trip to Greenland. Then I guess we pack up and get ready for winter. All the trips for 2011 are online though we might make minor changes in the coming days. 

Thanks for a great season!