Rúnar Óli Karlsson

New features on the website

We´ve just made few changes on our website to make it more interesting and to make it easier to spread the word. At least that was the idea.

There is new Media section that you can find in the top bar. It includes all articles that have appeared in magazines and newspapers, videos from our trips, photo gallery and other files that might interest you.

You can now share all content from our blogs. Just click the Share icon at the bottom of each blog and then you can choose from the most popular social websites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc.

Last but not least, we´ve made a fan page on Facebook. We´ll publish interesting adventure news from our friends, photos and videos and maybe some last minute booking offers. The site is in development and feel free to join the growing number of fans of Borea.  Click here and check it out. It´s good to bookmark the site.

Finally some photos from our last ski trip of the season. Many thanks to all of you that came and enjoyed the great skiing this season.