November weather trivia

This month of November has been quite windy. We have had a constant stream of lows coming up from south of Greenland or west of the Azores. The strongest gusts of wind recorded were 68 m/s on the SE coast of Iceland. This is over 130 knots!  On November 5th we had gusts of 54 m/s (105 knots) on an official weather station at the Isafjordur Ski Area.

The attached picture is taken from today’s forecast on There they are forecasting 30 m/s off the NW coast which is almost 60 knots or force 11. Another low is coming up behind this one. The new one is expected to be as low as 950 mbar when it reaches the south coast. This is not unusual for winter in Iceland.

A bit of historical trivia..:

  • lowest temperature ever measured in November in Iceland was -28 deg Celcius on November 6th 1988.
  • highest temperature ever measured in November in Iceland was +20 deg Celcius on November 10th 1971.


Apparently cats were considered to be reliable weather forecasters in the past. People used to observe their behaviour in order to try to guess what the weather would be:

  • if old cats are seen playing in winter it means that bad weather is coming
  • a cat is forecasting good weather if he washes himself behind the right ear on winters day
  • if a cat stretches so it’s claws stick out forward from it’s paws then windy weather is coming  

These tricks don’t come with any warranty but cat-owners are encouraged to try for themselves…!!


Our motto has always been that there is no such thing as bad weather. Just different kind of weather to be enjoyed when you are properly prepared. We have also decided to find a hobby/sport to suit every season and every weather. Now there is a bit of snow on the ground and people in Isafjordur are enjoying cross country skiing on the local golf course..