Review in Lonely Planet

We got some good review in the latest Lonely Planet Iceland book that got published in May 2010:

“High-quality tours usually involve multiday trips aboard Aurora…  The boat is beautifully outfitted and meals aboard will be some of the best you’ll have during your visit to Iceland.  A yearly voyage schedule is posted on the website and includes everything from out-of-this-world sea kayaking around Hornstrandir to exhilarating journeys to Greenland, Svalbard and Jan Mayen.  In winter Borea leads invigorating six-day skiing, glacier hiking, and northern lights trips around Jokulfirdir and the upper Hornstrandir.  Try to book as early as possible – the fun-loving guides and kick-ass itineraries mean that these trips fill up very quickly!”

We are very happy to see these nice words coming from such an important guidebook.  This reminds us that we must be doing something right!

Aurora is now in Jan Mayen for the 2nd time this season.  They got some bad weather after departure from Isafjordur and had to take a break in Husavik, in north-east Iceland.  After a day’s rest they continued their journey and had a good cruise to the north where the group spent a few days exploring the island.  Aurora will be back in Isafjordur on Friday.

Our new brand, North Explorers, has been a big hit.  We now also operate all kinds of day tours from Isafjordur; climbing, kayaking or hiking, depending on people’s wishes.  The new house has also became a cozy oasis for travelers in Isafjordur.  We have comfortable sofas, outdoor magazines lying around and a fireplace, all in an old wooden log house right in the middle of town.

Yes, summer is on full swing and the Borea team is busy playing outside most of the time.  What more could we possibly ask for?