Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Skiing season over

Finally the backcountry skiing trips are finished and summer has begun. There is still a lot of snow in Glacier Fjords and we´re thinking about having at least one trip in June next year. We´ve had great people on board from France, USA, Canada and of course Iceland.

On most of the trips we had good weather but some got more lucky than other just like in life. Few of the most memorable moment is the storm we had on night on the second trip and digging the snow from the cockpit on the last trip. Oh yeah we had a blizzard on 25 May…!

And of course the water skiing…

But I think all the trips had one in common. Good fun people having great fun.

We at Borea Adventures want to thank you all for the skiing, good company, swimming in the sea, bathing in the river, cozy time on the sun deck, all the good stories and we hope to see you again in the future.

Some of the best photos from this skiing season is mixed up in one new photo album. Check it out here.