So, what’s new?

Our 4th skiing season has now come to an end and we’re moving into other activities.  We did some great runs this season and even occasional first descents.  We are pretty much the only ones going to the Hornstrandir area during the snowy months, so we’ve always had the entire fjords and mountains for ourselves!  Our groups this season were exceptionally good and fun but on the contrary to previous years, this year we mostly got Icelandic guests.

Just as Runar announced in the last entry, Borea Adventures is expanding and we are now selling shorter trips under another brand, North Explorers.  Our new brand has been a big success and so far we’ve taken numerous persons, from different parts of the world, for kayak and hiking trips.  We are very optimistic for this summer and we hope to make many new friends in the coming months.

Our new office, our home, is up and running. There are still a few minor issues that still need to be fixed, but the most important things, our comfortable sofas and the fireplace, are up and working!  Now we have plenty of space to store our skiing and kayaking equipment and we have the best hangout place in town. When we ourselves are not outside playing, we always have coffee and some outdoor magazines lying around, so come hang out with us! (that also gives us an excuse to take a break from our less exciting computer work!)

There is one thing that we have completely forgot to mention here on cyberspace, for our friends far away. Borea Adventures has now 3 new staff members.  First I’d like to introduce Höskuldur who is our kayaking specialist.  Secondly it’s Örvar who is our climber and mountain goat.  And third, but not last, it’s myself, Haukur, and I’m responsible for everything and nothing.  The Borea family is expanding rapidly and we are all very happy about that.

Aurora, our sailing yacht, is going to Jan Mayen in the middle of this month with captain Siggi and Höskuldur as a guide. They will go there twice, with two different groups, and they are hoping to get good weather to climb the volcano.  The rest of us will stay in Isafjordur enjoying summer and hopefully get many visitors to our new house. 

I´ve attached few photos here from our friend and photographer Colin Samuels from La Grave, France who joined us on three ski trips. One trip was pretty special. A camping trip with a Swiss group where we had a Zodiac to move the gear between fjords. Runar, who guided the trip, said it was one of the best trips ever. The weather was bluebird everyday but a little fog on the glacier that we crossed the last day. Never done that before with a group and probably the first time snowboarders have crossed the glacier. We´re thinking about offering that trip next year in May when you can find dry grass to camp close to the water but still good snow in the mountains. Life is good.

P.s. I´m sorry but I couldn´r resist in putting in lots of photos…!