Speed Sailing and Powder Skiing

Last week has been quite eventful here at Borea Adventures.  After having prayed for more snow all winter, finally it arrived.  A month after the official ‘first day of summer’ winter decided it wasn’t time to leave yet.  As a result, our last group of sailing-skiing guests, instead of getting a week of sunny spring skiing they got a real winter kind of trip with high winds and all sorts of snow!  Being based on a sailboat has the advantages of being flexible, being able to move around and make new plans if the others don’t work.  After two days in bad weather and not expecting any improvement in the weather we decided to make a plan-B and head back to Isafjordur.  On the way from the Glacier Fjords to town we got great sailing with strong wind in our back, reaching speed of up to 16 nautical miles!  The remaining days we spent around Isafjordur exploring the local mountains and, last but not least, the hot pools around.  The weather continued the ‘adventurous kind’ throughout the trip and we got great powder snow, the best powder we’ve got the whole year!

Still one more trip to go and looks like the weather is improving…and fresh snow….

Humback in Isafjardardjup
On our way over to the Glacier Fjords we passed the summer’s first cruise ship that was coming to town.  This happy humpback decided to say hello.

Late winter
Group preparing to go out and play in the snow!

Group in search for powder!
Skinning up Seljalandsdalur.  Þjófatindar peaks in the back.

Captain Powder
Captain Siggi crushing some powder turns.

…and Runar also.



Captain Siggi
One more tele turn from the good old captain….