“Top 10 things from our Borea Adventure…. “

Borea Adventures doesn’t only do adventure trips on the good ship AURORA. We also offer all kinds of other adventure activities on land and at sea.

This week we had a great group of PhD students from Pittsburgh, USA on a multi adventure spring-break holiday. We did cross-country skiing, kayaking, horseback-riding, mountain climbing, ice climbing, bathing in outdoor and indoor pools and last but not least we built an igloo where the whole group slept for one night. 

Here is a link with the group’s picture collection and to the right a few more pictures.

Below is a “postcard” greeting we received from the group when they left:


Top 10 things from our Borea Adventure:

  • watching Johnny slide uncontrollably down the mountain
  • learning how to kayak roll
  • more showers in a day than we ever had
  • kayaking through ice (just like breaking through creme brulee)
  • finding out that we love dried fish
  • making Rúnar climb the fjord twice
  • proving that 7 PhD students really can build an igloo
  • learning how to start, avoid and save each other in case of an avalance
  • subjecting Rúnar to a car ride with 4 women
  • discovering that when sliding down a hill, sleds are optional

Thanks for a great trip! Ruth, Johnny, Ian, Erin, Amy, Moira, Scott