Rúnar Óli Karlsson

Volvo Ocean Race is on the move

Probably the Formula One of sailing, the Volvo Ocean Race is a very tough race around the world with professional crews sailing the fasted sailboats in the world. The first leg was from Alicante in Spain to South Africa. Now they´ve started their journey to Cochin, India. From there they go to Singapore, Qingdao, Rio, Boston, Galway (Ireland), Marstrand (Sweden), Stockholm and St Petersburg in June 2009. This adds up to over 37.000 miles of sailing.


The website is pretty spactacular with a lot of info and race viewer for those interested. These carbon/kevlar racing machines are 67 feet long and very light. The shape has more common with a surfboard than a sailing boat. It makes them hard to capsize and also very hard to turn over if they do. In this video is a close call for Team Russia:,,12573~1459739,00.html