Exploring Glacier Fjords – A Journey to Remember 

As guides, we gather countless stories and make many unforgettable experiences while meeting wonderful people. Yet, amidst all of the trips during the season, there’s always that one exceptional journey that stays with us, creating a special space in our memories. This was one of those, truly a trip for the books.

Day 1: Greeted by the Eagle

Iceland Exploring Glacier Kayak Day 1 Fjords

Our kayaking journey begins with nature throwing a curve-ball. Weather gods ask for a change of plans so we skip the usual drop-off point and head directly to Kviar Lodge

After settling in, we set off for Veiðileysufjörður fjord. The six-kilometre kayaking stretch along the picturesque cliffs was already breathtaking and on top of that, we were lucky to spot an eagle soaring overhead. 

Talk about setting the stage! 

As we kayaked further into the fjord, growling tummies lead us to a lunch spot surrounded by blueberries, the perfect dessert. Some of us soak up the sun while others use this warm Icelandic summer day to take a refreshing dip in the glacier fjord. With the sun shining down, it’s the perfect start to our journey. Knowing that the wind is supposed to pick up, we start heading back to Kviar, managing the returning journey against a light wind without much hassle. Arriving back, we quickly fire up the sauna and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Day 2: The hidden treasures of Lónafjörður

The following day greets us with sunshine and minimal wind, perfect for exploring another fjord,  Lónafjörður. Our first stop? A sandspit that hides a secret lake, tucked away from the sea’s view. The lake’s calm waters offer a beautiful reflection, ten out of ten already. 

Exploring Glacier Fjords Kayak Day 2 By Borea Adventures

Continuing our journey past the mountain Einbúi, named for its hermit-like, solitary stature, we come across a seal family that had chosen to make their home in this stunning location nestled at the base of the glacier fjord, beneath cliffs and a waterfall.

Lunch at the bottom of the fjord recharges the group`s batteries and gets everyone excited to continue kayaking around the mountain Einbúi and into Rangali, an arm of the Lónafjörður fjord. With the low tide revealing the stunning beauty of Rangali, we navigate around rocks, spotting two arctic foxes going about their afternoon hunt.

As the day wraps, we start our return journey, leading us back on the opposite side of the fjord. 

Exploring Glacier Fjords Kayak Day 2_2 By Borea Adventures

On our journey back, perhaps fuelled by the many stories we heard that day, one of the guests spots a mythical-looking stone-turned Troll. As I now reflect, I’m left pondering whether exhaustion led us to imagine this or if there might truly be more to the story. Do you see the Troll too? 

Day 3: Foraging dinner from the glacier fjord  

For our last day of kayaking, we decide to kayak into Hrafnfjörður fjord. After crossing Lónafjörður, we spot a lively bunch of cormorants that loves hanging out at the tip of the peninsula. On the third day, with a few guests feeling the kayak miles, we opt for a more relaxed pace, taking extra breaks to soak in the surroundings of the glacier.

Eight kilometres in, we decide to have lunch at a scenic spot beneath towering cliffs and a beautiful waterfall. After lunch, some guests join me to explore the waterfall, scavenging mushrooms for dinner, and collecting blue mussels along the shore. After securing dinner, the group begins their return journey to Kviar, passing by curious seals and birds. The sea gets a bit feisty on the way back, but the group keeps up the good spirits and makes it back just in time to squeeze in another sauna session before starting dinner preparations.

Exploring Glacier Fjords Kayak Day 3 By Borea Adventures

As everyone participates in cleaning and preparing the foraged dinner, the evening becomes infused with such excitement that it is easily one of the most memorable moments of the trip. Incredible scenery with the glacier, Drandajokull as a backdrop.

Exploring Glacier Fjords Kayak Day 3_2 By Borea Adventures

The next morning, as the boat arrives to pick us up after breakfast, we say goodbye, a group departing Hornstrandir Nature Reserve with hearts full of cherished memories from an incredible kayaking adventure through the beautiful Glacier Fjords.

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